Land Development Engineering Plan Checking

Land Development Engineering (LDE) is responsible for maintaining and upholding the City of Modesto Standard Design Specifications.
  1. Maps

    A parcel map depicts a division of land that is divided into four (4) or fewer parcels. A subdivision map depicts a division of land that results in more than four (4) parcels. A lot-line adjustment is required to move a property line between two or more existing adjacent lots or parcels with creating a new lot.

  2. Improvement Plans

    All on-site and off-site Civil Improvement plans must undergo a review and approval process.

  3. Storm Water

    LDE reviews on-site storm drainage design for conformance to the current requirements as outlined in the City Standards.

  4. Easements and Dedications

    LDE processes easement dedications for right-of-ways, public utilities easements, and planting easements.