Bicycle Transportation

  1. Bike Lane Videos

    Bike Lane Videos

    You may have noticed that recently many new Bike Lane features have been installed throughout the City of Modesto. Watch videos for information on how to properly use these bike lanes, whether your vehicle of choice is a bike or a car.

  2. Bikeways


    A variety of Class I, II, III and IV bikeways are located throughout the city.

  3. How to Use Bike Lanes

    How to Use Bike Lanes

    The City of Modesto is dedicated to expanding the bicycle lane network with each rehabilitation project that we do. This means if a street receives an overlay, slurry seal or is reconstructed that segment of roadway will be enhanced with some type of bike lane feature.

  4. MJC Campus Connection

    MJC Campus Connection

    The MJC Campus Connection is a 2.2 mile protected bike path that gives students and faculty the opportunity to commute between east and west campuses by bicycle.