IT - Network Up Time

Performance Measure

Increased percentage network up time (business hours, vs. average for CA cities) 



Analysis of Performance*

This measures the availability of mission critical resources, such as network connectivity to systems.    

Metric Definition*

Information Technology Department to meet minimum 99.9% up time.  We exceeded this measure during 2015.


It is important to have Information Technology resources available so that the organization can operate at max efficiency.  

Impact on Performance*

Information Technology Department continually seeks improving business continuity and creates a consistent available environment so that systems are accessible.
Actual Performance
99.99% Up-time reported for the first quarter of 2016


  • Analysis of Performance: Explains how data results are  displayed, anomalies, or other points that went into generating the numbers.
  • Metric Definition: Identifies what constitutes the metric and identifies combined classifications
  • Importance: Tells why the metric is important and how it is useful, or, what will it help the City accomplish or understand by knowing
  • Impact on Performance: States how this measure is an indicator of or influencer on the delivery of service?