Greater Safer Neighborhoods

Clock in the park with a fountain in the backgroundExplore new approaches to public safety, working in partnership with the community to reduce crime and maintain a safe and inviting community in which to live, work and play. Increase collaboration with neighborhoods and schools to achieve quality of life improvements, and safe neighborhoods through supporting community self-reliance, problem solving and public/private partnerships.

Learn about the Advisory Board, Meeting Information and Members.

Strategic Objectives & Strategies

A. Explore Progressive Crime & Fire Prevention Techniques

  • Benchmark other cities for successes on reducing crime and gangs
  • Implement a Fire Safety Public Education Program
  • Strengthen regional partnerships

B. Ensure the Effective Use & Efficient Deployment of Public Safety Resources Based On Local Need

  • Reinforce Community-Oriented policing through use of Area Commands, area police resource officers, accountability and intelligence-led policing
  • Develop partnerships with private business to support public safety
  • Increase focus on gang prevention and intervention
  • Enhance level of service with ALS/EMS/Paramedics with ambulance service providers
  • Increase use of volunteers/Community Service Officers (CSOs)/Coordination and increase collaborations with neighborhoods

C. Increase Public Safety Coordination & Communication Among All City Departments

  • Engage in discussions around resource-sharing (fire)
  • Cross train firefighters, Community Service Officers (CSOs), and code enforcement officers

D. Grow Neighborhood Leadership & Capacity & Identify Self-help Strategies to Strengthen Neighborhoods

  • Encourage volunteers and increase collaboration among neighborhood groups by providing resources to promote neighborhood/clean-up activities and improve safety

E. Support Positive Youth Activities & Engagement

  • Establish a City-Schools committee to focus on addressing youth issues
  • Provide opportunities to involve youth in improving the community
  • Implement programs to address gang culture in schools
  • Engage youth by providing opportunities for work experience, mentoring, after school programs
  • Support enrichment activities

F. Increase Public Awareness of City-provided Services & Partnership Opportunities

  • Create a comprehensive citizen engagement program
  • Enhance code enforcement activities
  • Create a City-wide calendar

G. Create Additional Strategic Objective On Implementing Best Practices (Homeless; Tagging)