Documents & Publications

Annual Report

An overview of key achievements and projects over the past fiscal year (July to June), as well as a look ahead. The Annual Report also includes a “Budget in Brief” section with highlights from the annual budget. View the annual reports.

City Beat

The citywide newsletter with news and events information for Modesto residents. The City Beat is inserted in the monthly utility bills. Archived copies of past issues are available here. View the City Beat Newsletters.

Legislative Platform

The cornerstone of the Modesto City Council’s policy direction and provides a proactive approach to influencing policy and other governmental entities. View the 2007-2008 Legislative Platform (PDF).

Strategic Plan

The 2010-2013 Strategic Plan is the foundation for how the City allocates its resources, prioritizes its initiatives to best serve the citizens of Modesto and how it will respond to future challenges and changes in priorities. The Strategic Plan was adopted by the Modesto City Council as the guiding document for the City of Modesto on September 28, 2010. View the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan (PDF) and all strategic plans.