City Auditor's Office


The City Auditor provides independent oversight of City operations through conduct of performance audits, and other audit work as directed by the City Council. As part of Measure M, passed in February 2008, Section 902.1 of the City Charter establishes the City Auditor position as a charter officer who is appointed by and reports directly to the City Council. The mission of the City Auditor is to assist the City Council and City management in making operations more efficient and effective. To enhance government transparency, our audits provide the Council, City management and public with objective, and accurate information regarding performance of City programs.

Performance Audits

Performance audits can vary depending on stated audit objectives. Audit reports are intended to provide information on City operations and processes, and determine whether they are operating efficiently and effectively. Through issuance of audit reports, the City Auditor draws conclusions regarding how programs operate, makes recommendations for improvements, and follows-up with City management to assure improvements are made. Audits are conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). GAGAS are developed by the United States Government Accounting Office and are periodically revised through an extensive process.

Organization Memberships & Professional Development

The City Auditor is proud to belong to 2 organizations: the Association of Local Government Auditors and the Institute of Internal Auditors. As a member of the above international organizations, the City Auditor engages in professional development and continued education regarding audit standards and ways to maintain the highest levels of independence, objectivity and integrity.