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City of Modesto Conducts Emergency Repairs on Decomposing Sewer

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During a closed-circuit television inspection of the 30-inch domestic sewer trunk line located on Santa Barbara Avenue, City staff identified a 120 foot section where the crown of the pipe had deteriorated away and an additional 500 feet of pipe showed signs of significant deterioration presenting an immediate danger with the potential collapse of the roadway above. City maintenance staff quickly responded to the emergency by bridging the roadway with steel plates stabilizing and protecting the road from further damage until a permanent fix could be constructed. 

On August 23, 2016, a contractor working for the City began the necessary reconstruction work which included replacement of the sewer trunk line under Santa Barbara Avenue from the alley north of Highland Drive to the intersection of Santa Barbara Avenue and Roble Avenue.  The majority of the work will be open-cut trenching with one section between Highland Drive and the alley to the north being slip-lined and grouted inside the existing pipe. Once all work is complete and the new line is active, the old pipe will be filled with slurry and abandoned in place, the trenches will be filled, and the streets will be restored to working order.