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Maddux Youth Center


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  1. Community Room
  2. Computer Lab
  3. Full-Court Gym
  4. Game Room
  5. Internet
  6. Reading Room
  7. Weight Room

General Facility Information

  • Rental Fees are:
    • For the Entire Facility - two (2) hours is $205.00, four (4) hours is $339.00 and each additional hour is sixty-nine dollars ($69.00)
    • For the Gymnasium - two (2) hours is $176.00, four (4) hours is $282.00 and each additional hour is fifty-four dollars (54)
    • For the Multi-Purpose room - two (2) hours is $146.00, four (4) hours is $222.00 and each additional hour is forty dollars (40)
    • For the Game Room - two (2) hours is $114.00, four (4) hours is $157.00 and each additional hour is twenty-three dollars (23)
    • For the Reading Room - two (2) hours is fifty-nine dollars (59), four (4) hours is ninety-seven dollars (97) and each additional hour is twenty-one dollars (21)
    • For the Computer Room - two (2) hours is fifty-eight dollars (58), four (4) hours is ninety-five dollars (95) and each additional hour is twenty dollars (20)
    • Each room requires a cleaning and damage deposit of equal to half the rent total, but not less than $100 
  • Maximum capacity for the entire facility is 465.
  • Maximum capacity for the Gymnasium is 272.
  • Maximum capacity for the Multi-Purpose Room is 150.
  • Maximum capacity for the Game Room is twenty-two (22).
  • Maximum capacity for the Reading Room is ten (10).
  • Maximum capacity for the Computer Room is eleven (11).
    • eight (8) round tables
    • eight (8) rectangular tables
    • one hundred (100) chairs
  • There is a small kitchen off of the Multi-Purpose room.


No alcohol is permitted. Food and/or beverages are only allowed in the kitchen and/or Multi-Purpose room. Rental must be made ten (10) working days before a facility use. You must be eighteen (18) or older to rent the hall.

Special Notes

A certificate of insurance and security guards are required. A set-up fee of sixteen dollars and eighty-seven cents (16.87) per hour, per staff is required. Set-up must be arranged at least two weeks prior to the rental date.