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Celebration of Lights Parade "Candyland" Entry Application

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  2. Entries exceeding 8 vehicles and/or 75 feet in length will need to register and pay for multiple entries. Entries may not exceed 20 feet in width.

  3. Entry Fees*

  4. Payment Method

    Cash, Credit Card or Check are all accepted. Make all checks payable to: City of Modesto. Credit Cards are taken at our office (Service Charge will apply).

  5. Registration Details

    Space is limited and based on first-come, first-serve. If parade reaches full capacity prior to entry deadline, entry will be placed on a waitlist, in order received, with no guarantee of participation unless space allows.

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  7. For Office Use Only

    Staff use Barcode #5781 to take payments in person.

  8. Judges and Announcer Information (All applicants must submit the below information)

    Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, use of lights, music and incorporation of the theme. Please remember, if you stop to perform during the parade, you will be disqualified from judging.

  9. Choose one category in which your entry will be judged*

  10. Announcer Description Information

    Announcer description will be read to the judges and crowd along the parade route by multiple stations from Cumulus Radio. The description must be 200 words or less; include information about your organization, information regarding entry, sponsors, special people you would like to thank, etc. (Please email description to

  11. Which method will you use to pay your entry fee(s)?*

  12. Payment Required to Complete Regisration*

  13. Questions or Concerns

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application or participation in the holiday parade, please reach out to us at 209-577-5344 or

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